Coiled Tubing

Coiled Tubing

Coil tubing is both a cost and time effective solution for well intervention operations. Instead of removing the tubing from the well, which is how Workover rigs fix the problem, coiled tubing is inserted into the tubing against the pressure of the well and during production. The equipment, manufactured to enhance Prior Diesel’s well service completion product line competitiveness, consists of a continuous length of steel or composite tubing that is flexible enough to be wound on a large reel for transportation.

Power Pack & Control Cabin

The advance components & controls necessary to provide a hydraulic power supply consisting unmatchable technology with a diesel engine providing an independent power supply that is harnessed to the necessary hydraulic pump and control systems whereas the interiors of the cabin are designed with operator comfort in mind. Conventional & wraparound panels allow for easy access to all controls.

Injector Heads

The injector head, a critical component of the coiled tubing unit, moves tubing in and out of the well and maintains tension on the tubing reel.

Features & Benefits

Our patented line of injector heads boasts the highest pull-to-weight ratio in the industry, and this unique feature has made us the leading supplier of injector heads for drilling and fracturing with coiled tubing.

Coil tubing Reel

Coiled tubing reels are available in sizes to fit any application. Our reels feature high torque; high speed motors to handle faster tripping speeds and a bearing system with steel roller and tapered roller bearings for smooth, efficient operation under the heaviest loads. We offer the newest technology in tubing reels

Features & Benefits

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