About Rasos Energy

About Our Company

Welcome to Rasos Energy. We take pride in our success as a leader in the Oil and Gas Services Industry. Our achievement is a result of the hard work and dedication of CPS employees.

Founded in 2010, Rasos Energy provides integrated solutions and services in Open hole, Cased hole Completions, Thru Tubing Services, Remedial well Services and Wellhead equipment supplies and services to the local clients in the region. Our skilled and competent professional team plays a significant role to achieve our goals in planning projects and its execution at the field sites. Our key objective is to earn the trust and confidence of customer by providing exemplary services as we are the firm believer of long lasting business relationships.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a “Force for Good” throughout the world by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching, uplifting culture.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the world’s leading direct selling company by generating more income for sales leaders than any other company.

Our Core Values

Treat everyone with dignity, respect and honor –We practice this internally with our employees and it ripples out to our vendors, stakeholders and customers.

Invest wisely – We work hard to select quality investment assets and analyze them for maximum profit potential for our customer.

Excellence – We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Social Responsibility – In an industry and an era that is under the highest scrutiny, we are committed to being responsible towards in all areas of our operation.

Integrity – Defined as delivering on what you say you will deliver. When we say “X”, we intend to deliver “X”.

Fairness –We treat our employees fairly, we honor our vendor’s trust and investment in our success, and we especially treat our clients with the utmost fairness in all dealings.

Play – We work hard, and we enjoy our downtime too. Rest and play refreshes the soul. They often asked questions, and I became adept at answering as well as Write My Essay 4 Me speaking in an impromptu manner


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